Seven or eight years ago, the Association ALTRARNO and I organized a visit to the Garden, for families; Andrea was the guide for the adults and I, with the children, took an alternative route: we stopped at the sculpture I call “the Big Ear”, tall, flat and oval, and I suggested the children to whisper a little secret to it.

Then we headed to the line of the adjoing fountains where, when the Garden belonged to the Signori, they hunted with nets the little birds that stopped to drink there. As a matter of fact Boboli used to be also a huntig reserve, in the little woods they used to get fresh air during the summer and to hunt.

At the end, adults and children met at the Giardino degli Ananassi or della Botanica Superiore, still a part of Boboli, one of the gardens into the Garden; this one is taken care of by a very good and passionate gardener but, usually, it is closed to public.

If you descend the hillock on which the Giardino degli Ananassi spreads, you will find a beautiful tank where various aquatic plants are grown and then, on your right, a big, unfortunately quite crumbilng greenhouse. And there, inside the greenhouse, the couple of clowns, Elisa and Cristian, were waiting for the children and adults to offer us their little show, full of poetry.

At that time I was still dreaming that such places like that garden could be opened to the public, to people, that such occasions could increase. But it did not happen then, and it is not happening now.

How much do I love the Boboli Garden? – second part

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